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Happy Blind Mew Day!

Dec 01, 2012
T'is June 19th and we will never forget this date,wherein Blind Mew first came to these boards,and made a post!

So thank you,our old friend!You're our favorite cat ever!

Lack of time and preparation,which is to blame on the lack of time,prevents me from throwing any parties in honor of Blind Mew Day.During my Litha party,I guess people can celebrate in the name of Blind Mew,but a party on Blind Mew Day is not something I can accomplish.Sorry guys.

So please,join us here,in one of the happiest days of the year!Happy Blind Mew Day!

We know Mew is rather busy.I can only ask One-Eyed Jack(our old comrade in these celebrations),to transfer the joys onto our good old uncle Sam...Blind Mew!!!

Thank you all! And enjoy the fireworks!I'm serious,because the Pope recently visited our city,there were left-over fireworks that they've been shooting a few nights.

Yay for Blind Mew!