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glitch in storyline- help!

Dec 29, 2010
As of right now, I am in cool ranch, book 7, part 1. I have to defeat storm raiders in arroyo grande. I am a "pay as you go" person, so that i can keep the zones that I purchase forever. However, upon going to arroyo grande, the entrance in which the arrow for my quest pointed asked me to pay for BOOK 9. If it had said "7 prt 2," I would've been satisfied and paid what was owed. However, this disregards the order of the plot, and I'm not willing to pay for the zone if I am not participating in it. Before anyone says it, no, this is not a promotion or side quest. It is the main storyline quest, and therefore i should have either access to this area or an area that corresponds to my task. Help!

Nov 04, 2012
I totally agree I got past that part and that is a rip-off maybe you can ask kingsile to remove charges or to give you extra crowns because that sucks to have to pay 2,499 crowns on one mission

Stocky Tim Calles lvl.26