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General tso dungeon poroblem

Feb 11, 2013
Why is that chicken hard to get to!? I die before I can beat one guy-_-

Aug 05, 2012
Firstly do you have a friend to help you because I went solo and I got to tso so wen you get to him find a friend oh and make shore you have a 3 mojo potion that's how you bet him and in battle if you don't have a friend focus all your companions on one guy ok

Oct 27, 2009
Are you attacking General Tso? If you are, he is not able to be damaged. You can target his Samoorai instead as you need to, in order to clear the door enough to get some of your team into the chicken room. The chicken is the goal. Attack one of the guards standing next to the chicken, and when you make a space next to the chicken, move someone into it. As strategy, keep some of your crew in the back of the room to draw the samoorai further into the room and away from the door. If you are unable to beat one of the regular samoorai with your whole crew, it's time to do some side quests to level up.

Aug 16, 2012
It was very simple for me. i just brought my brother and my self . He had a teleport power so it made it easy but, i recommend that you have friends come to you at the chicken battle because it is just one target now defeat all enemies.

dashing dylan eastman lvl 52

Dec 31, 2012
At the start of the battle move your companions backwards as far as you can and yes, I said backwards. Keep them there for about the first two or three rounds to allow the enemies to come into the room and prevent any congestion around the doorways. During these first few rounds, you should be using and boosts and shields that you have, not attacking anyone. They will attack you and you will take some damage but you just have to accept that this will happen. Once the enemies are away from the doorways, start charging in and focus your attacks on one enemy.

I recommend muskets as your companions. That way they can start firing from the doorways. Have them fire at the melee enemies around the chicken.

If you follow this strategy, you will find soloing this fight is really easy.

Feb 11, 2013
thax I beat it but im now majorly stuck on commander davis and I have no high enough lvl friends to help

Pirate Overlord
Mar 10, 2009
Adam1517 on Jul 4, 2013 wrote:
thax I beat it but im now majorly stuck on commander davis and I have no high enough lvl friends to help
You don't need friends to help. Yes having friends with you does make it more fun and less challenging, but you Can do this. Just use the excellent advice given to you here, plus there are other threads that have just as well thought out strategies and try them out. That battle isn't meant to be easy but it is doable. It is designed to give you, as Ratbeard stated, that thrill of victory for a win over a tough battle. Please don't give up, grow. Try changing how you fight. I learned this lesson afresh fighting the sky fish. I had to change how I approached the battle and which companions I used. There is a lot of wisdom on these boards and on the other fan sites. Try out their techniques and you will conquer this.