General Tso

Jun 17, 2013
How do you defeat General Tso? I try to get to the chicken but first of all there is five enemies guarding it, And i cant even defeat them because when i go over to the chicken, Tso just uses Cheap shot and gets an Epic hit and nearly kills me or one of my companions, And even when i do get over to the chicken, I need to kill the guards, but then its a 5 on 3 and then General Tso and about 3 other guys follow us and then its 9 on 3. Its impossible!, Does anyone have tips on defeating him?

Fearless Jason Barclay
Level 43

Pirate Overlord
Mar 10, 2009
Basically you just need to kill two guards. The goal is to kill one guard and to put one of your characters in his spot to threaten the chicken. Usually when you kill the first guard someone always steps into his place before you get a chance to and you have to take out another one. Then you can step into his spot and voila, the chicken is threatened.

A good thing to do for the first couple of turns is to just wait and put on buffs and shielding and let them come to you. Then the spaces are open for you to move to the door quicker. Other wise you have to take out guards that are so closely packed that you cannot even get to the second room.