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gauntlet of steel... ?

Gunner's Mate
Apr 09, 2011

I dont hve the level 65 move gauntlet of steel but what does it mean when it says triggers epics???
please answer soon...


Oct 15, 2010
I think I understand. And you're talking about Gambit of Steel, not Gauntlet of Steel.

It means it triggers enemies' epics like First Strike and Vengeance Strike, etc. This is if you want to test your dodge skills but have the chance to use your own epics. Here's two quotes I found on Pirate101 Central (says its from Ratbeard so it's probably already on the forums, lol.)

The first power in this series is Dance of Steel. It does not trigger epics, so you can use it without worrying about triggering anything in return.

But for high level Swashbucklers, that's not necessarily the best play. Before you hit the new level cap at 65 and gain Gambit of Steel, you will rank up in both First Strike and Riposte.

So if you want to lure your enemies into attacking you with their epics, so that you can get the most use from First Strike and Riposte, use Gambit of Steel.

If you think you're good enough.

"Triggers Epics" means your attack is no longer "invisible" to other defensive epic talents that are waiting to be triggered by an attack. Certain talents are "listening" for an event we'll call, "Did you just attack me?"

And the answer with Dance of Steel was, "Nope! Not me!" and the answer with Gambit of Steel is, "You bet I did!"

So it won't have any effect on Hold the Line or Cheap Shot or Repel Boarders, because they are not triggered by attacks.

It won't have any effect on Relentless/Burst Fire on your target because those talents aren't defensive.

It will trigger a response from First Strike, Vengeance Strike, and Riposte.

And because it is acting more like an attack now, you could also benefit from Blade Storm, Relentless, or Second Chance (if you somehow figure out a way to add them to your Swashbuckler).

My best advice is to play with the power and see what happens."
Hope this helps explain what you needed to know about Gambit of Steel!

May 05, 2011
Its Gambit of Steel lol, and it means that it triggers your enemies epics, but dont worry. By then we will have epic dodge stats, Riposte 2 and First Strike 3, So if you use the power on someone with Vengance strike, you will get first strike, then you dodge his attack, and then Riposte him. Its even more useful against Vengance Strike 2.