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Furniture, Housing, and similar inquiries

Mar 29, 2010
Questions about housing and interior design!

1. I noticed there seemed to be a lack of spooky, witchdoctory things to decorate with. Will more of these things become available in the future?

2. The glowing walls of the Sacrifice Cave (in deep jungle, Skull Island) are amazing, the interior is gorgeous. Would it be possible to make wallpapers with glowing elements?

3. Are castle blocks (from Wizard101) something that will appear in Pirate101 in the future?

4. Pertaining to the previous question, would there also be building block themed houses in upcoming Pirate101 bundles?

5. I've noticed the Penguinonian "furniture" animated characters as housing items in Wizard101. Aside from our Companions, will we ever see something like this in Pirate101 also? Perhaps we could adopt an orphan from Marleybone (credit for this idea to another pirate)

6. Pet crumbs! Where can I find them? Or if there aren't any in Pirate101, can we expect them soon?

7. I very much like the out-of-the-way furniture shop on Rapa Nui (water mole island in Skull Island Skyway). Will we be seeing more delightfully hidden furniture shops in the nooks of the spiral as new worlds come along?

Thank you! Happy pirating!

Pirate Overlord
Mar 16, 2012
Welcome to the message boards, Ellie Goldenheart!
Those are most excellent questions, and I hope you get answers.

Apr 28, 2012
for #6: not sure what Pet Crumbs are. All I know of in Pirate101 is Pet Snacks which can be bought (Circus Maximus and a few vendors), won in fights (the Pet Arena in Circus Maximus or against NPCs) or found in Treasure Chests (Group Plunder Chests and, sometimes, regular chests).

May 30, 2010
3 & 4) Gosh, I hope not. I find the castles to be annoying with those blocks for building. Nothing seems stable enough for me.

5) You can let your crew wander about the house, as well as your pets and mounts.

6) No pet crumbs in P101 at the moment.

7) There are a couple of hidden snack vendors. They sell the same low-level snacks as in Bestia. There are a few more housing vendors, but not really hidden away.

Sep 14, 2015
1.) If you want more witchdoctor based housing items, get the hoodoo bundle. It's great for stuff like that.
2.) Possibly glowing elements, but I doubt it'll be based off of something from the Sacrifice Cave. Dragonspyre, perhaps.
3.) There is the tan brick wallpaper, does that count?
4.) Probably not much of a necessity.
5.) Oooh, I like the idea of adopting a Marleybonian orphan.
6.) No idea what you mean, maybe a new type of pet snack?
7.) I'm guessing that there is a very good chance of that.

Wicked Aaron Brewster