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Friends requests from unseen people

Petty Officer
May 22, 2011
I've played Kingsisle games for a bit and I find this a bit anoying. People send you friend requests and you can't see them at first, so you have to turn around to see them, I have,'t gotten anything like that in Pirate101, but you might think this is creepy. So, one time, my friend was driving his boat and we were going to Monquista, when all of the sudden, I get a friend request from a Bloody Mary. I look around but don't see any ships, so I'm a bit startled, because Bloody Mary is the name a ghost. I tell my friend and he freaks out. Then, later in the game, I was flying around Monquista in my new boat when all of the sudden I get a friend request, only one problem. It looked ike this:
Accept Friend Request from ?

As you can see, even creepier. Even creepier is that my friend Boody Mary was on. I know sometimes some bits of information are missing, but never this much.