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Favorite storyline book????

Nov 09, 2012
Of all the books in Pirate101, which is your favorite?:
  1. A Pirate's Life for Me (levels 1-9) Finding Gunn's gold
  2. Tale of the Gold Monkey (levels 10-12) Finding Gortez so the treaty is signed
  3. Monquista (levels 12-14) Starting a Monquistan Civil War
  4. The Map? What Map? (levels 14-16) Learning about Marco Pollo and his Map to El Dorado
  5. Welcome to Cool Ranch (levels 16-19) Looking for Meriwether Clark and his Map Piece
  6. Legend of El Toro (levels 19-22) Looking for El Toro so he can help you find Blood's Hideout
  7. ???? (levels 22-26) Rescuing Tonka to help find Captain Blood
  8. Saving Mustang Sally (levels 26-30) Looking for Mustang Sally in Skull Island to bring her home
  9. The Magnificent 7 (Levels 30-34) Pushing the Wild Bunch out of Tumbleweed to get to Captain Blood' Lair
  10. Dead Man's Hand (levels 34-37) Defeating Captain Blood and getting Clark's Map Piece
  11. Samoorai Yak (Levels 37-43) Looking for Egg Foo Young's piece of the map in MooShu
  12. Hidden Turtle (Levels 44-50) Finding the 5 Turtle Balls to meet Cao Tzu
  13. The Dogs of War (Levels 50-57) joining Marleybone's Royal Navy to free Catbeard
  14. Aquila (Levels 58-65) Looking for Argos to get his map piece in Aquila
My favorite is book 8 because you are fixing a broken love (and starting a war to fix it)! What is yours? Tell me in a response and why. Have Fun!