FAQ that hasn't been answered correctly!

Dec 11, 2012
My game is lagging, what can I do to fix this?The first thing you should try is turning off your Quest Helper. You can do this by pressing Ctrl and T on your keyboard. If that doesn’t help try going into your Options menu during game play and changing the resolution, graphics detail, and turning the Full Screen option to off.

How this should have been answered:

By forwarding the pirate101 ports straight to your computer so it bypasses your routers firewall and microsofts firewall.
Here are the following ports that KingsIsle use:
TCP 12000-12999

If you are still experiencing obnoxious lag then turn off shadows, smoothing, clouds and reduce the particle density.
Set the Geometry Detail to low and texture detail to medium.

If your still having lag then refer to how KingsIsle suggested. But remember that doing so will "Remove" quest helper and the waypoint arrow which may result in diminished game play.