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Fan Fiction

Feb 16, 2010
How do you start and post a story

-Dark Bradley Yate, Level 27 .

Gunner's Mate
Dec 31, 2009
Hey, nice question! Fan-fiction can be submitted through the community manager, One-Eyed Jack, just make sure you have some to submit, first! Once you have a nice chunk to submit (my segments are 1500 which tends to be on the higher side at the moment), send it over, and Jack will get back to you once he's read it, I believe. Here are a few pointers:

- It's a little easier to start with two or three segments ready-to-go before you submit your first. That way, you have time to look through your parts for errors and then write more leisurely for better quality.
- Remember, your story should be appropriate for all audiences. There are brief circumstances in Pirate101 where blood is mentioned or referred to, and that means it's OK to mention it in your story as needed, but not anything graphic. If you wouldn't read it to your grandmother, then you should edit it down a bit.
- Make something original! One wonderful story is a Pirate-Wizard crossover, and my pirate is a four-time escapee from the Armada in my story. If you want to write a good read, then make something good to read.
- Watch your spelling, grammar, etc.

Good luck submitting!

D.S. Devereaux
Posted P101 Fan-Fiction Author

Great tips!

More can be found on the Fan Fiction Submission Guidelines Page.

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*