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End Game Stats / Powers / stacking?

Jan 07, 2011

I just hit Lv 50 Privateer and was looking to get a some questions answered.

1. Rallying Call says it gives +100% will...(I read that stats only reach 100, does this mean I get +100 will and there is no need to stack this power with other lesser wisdom cards ?)

2. Battle Zeal lv 50 card says it increases Accurecy for 10 turns...(How much accurecy is given, is it more than Call to Arms*5 turns and Espirit De Corps 10 turn with dodge, Is there any point to stacking Battle Zeal and Call to Arms?)

3.Gunnery,Artillery,and The big Guns...(Does this use Will to increase Dmg or Str? On Artillery and Big Guns, what triggers the Bonfire Trap or is this just a random second effect? *It seems to only happen when I use it long range or when I hit 1 or 2 targets, If I hit say 4 targets at close range its rare to get a bonfire in the empty squares that hit nothing.)

4.Does increasing Will have any effect on Buff Powers like Battle Zeal (Give more accurecy the higher your will etc).

5.Do Damage Protection buffs stack?...(Example : Valors Shield -25% dmg + Valor Fortress -50% dmg on the same character = -75% dmg total?)

6.Is Battle Zeal Working as intended or have some other effect? If accurecy is same as Call to arms, Espirit De Corps and the only diffrence is 5 vs 10 turns it seems kind of pointless...why waste a turn doing this when you can do Espirit De Corps for 10 turns and get dodge also?

7.Is the 100 stat include both gear and powers?...(Example : Have 62 will with gear on in character stat screen...If I use rallying call, will this make my will 100? If so, does having any will on gear mean anything at 50? I mean If my will is zero and I use rallying call, will It still be 100? Seems like a waste to get will on gear then and go for dmg and strength for basic attacks.
Most battles don't go beyond 10 rounds, even if they do you don't often need heals in the first few can wait to cast rallying call before heal cards.

I enjoy the game and the class, was just hoping to get some "offical" answers so I don't waste time stacking or using things that are pointless. Thanks for any help.

Sep 08, 2008
Alright, I may not be able to officially answer all questions with the correct answers, but I can offer my input while you do wait for an official response.

I don't think stats 'cap' out when you use powers. If you have 62 Will, and use a power to double it, I think you will have 124 Will.

As for using powers that give similar effects, I do not think they stack. You can have the same stat increases from 2 different powers, but not the same powers of different rank. I think if you used both battle zeal and espirit de corps, you would gain benefits from both powers. But battle zeal I don't think would stack with the call to arms.

Will would be used to strengthen gunnery, I would like to think. Since those powers are not really related to weapons of any kind.