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End Game Question

Nov 18, 2015
So I'm relatively new to Pirate 101 (like, halfway through the story) and I was looking at some guides for my class and they all talk about PVP. I was wondering if once you reach Level 70, is there any PvM/PvE content to do or is it all just PVP once you've maxed your character?

Dec 28, 2012
Most end game content is farming. There's also a plethora of side quests and companion promotions you can do, which keep most people busy for 2-3 months. Tower of Moo Manchu and Kane are where most farming goes on atm, but once skeleton key bosses hit live, I could see those becoming quite the attraction.

Petty Officer
Dec 26, 2012
There's always gear/scrip farming and pet training. But other than those two things, not really. It's part of why everyone is so desperate for a new world.

Oct 27, 2009
If you get (or find a friend that has) a Smuggler's Arena, you can also battle the enemies in there. You could also work on decorating a house with furniture from the bazaar or fight drops. You could also try a different pirate class and see how it is different. Some of the crew quests would be new to you. We all are hoping for another world to be added.

The staff at KI have mentioned that they are thinking about how to add a fishing side activity to the game. There are other side activities that the parent game, Wizard101, has, which may at some point be added to Pirate.
So far, they added, since the game began, Pvp, Ship Pvp, Pet games, pet Pvp, the Nautical Regatta- battling enemy ships, a housing gauntlet for purchase, the team up ledger, and the key bosses were just added to the test realm. At least it is a hopeful sign that new things are still being added to the game.

Nov 14, 2015
If you want to run Smuggler's Arena, I have one in my house. Find me in-game.

But yeah, it's mostly farming once you're done with the quests.

Or playing pranks on the Water Moles

Cedric Moone