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dungeons that take too long

Nov 14, 2015
anecorbie on Dec 10, 2016 wrote:
Believe it or not, Miranda has been shortened and made easier. There used to be 3 extra fights and mobs in the main street of town.
The Dreadnaught is supposed to be difficult to get into and fight ( and it's only that one fight ).
No more nerfing of this game is necessary!!!!!
Miranda is already long as it is... But the Cap. Blood fight is easy.

Nov 14, 2015
GuyFromSchool on Dec 10, 2016 wrote:
I agree. Personally I think this game is very easy (Compared to Wiz at least) It isn't very difficult to solo this game fully (On my second I have soloed every dungeon so far, I have just finished the Shadow Fortress) So I think the last thing this game needs is more nerfing. Although I think the Unicorns in Valencia 2 could get a tiny damage nerf.
Okay, I must admit that the General Tso dungeon was hard. I made it through the whole thing, and had to redo the boss fight three times.

Petty Officer
Nov 05, 2012
the only thing that i think should be changed is i think they should put in a system where if a multiple companions or players are using the same powers to buff, they should all activate at the same time. let me give you an example: say i'm in the tower of moo manchu and every player is using old scratch (which they usually are) when we got to the first old scratch to cast a mojo power, instead of one doing it and going onto the next team. all the scratches would do it all at once. this would make buffs from companions much easier, and it would take a good amount of the time out of big long dungeons. personally, i like the higher difficulties of valencia dungeons (specifically the dumo) makes you have to think. and since the scratch boost that's not something a witchdoctor has to do often. but the game can be more difficult,if you don't do side quest it can be hard, and certain bosses don't work so well against certain classes, though i have to say that's not a major issue since there is so little variety in enemies in the game. seriously just gear yourself to fight buccaneers and you'll survive most of the game with ease.

Jul 07, 2013
Blood's Jacket is an ultra rare item drop in the loot table.

Virtuous Dante Ramsey