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Duel weapon types and stats

Petty Officer
Sep 04, 2018
It is difficult for me to understand what stats are used by duel weapon types as what I see displayed when I look at equipped weapons are different than what people I've played with say they see when I use them.

Say I am a musketeer that uses a duel weapon of a pistol and a blade. Since my main stat at a musketeer is agility and both the shooty and stabby duel weapon states the same damage upon its display as the shooty and slashy duel weapon are they the basically the same if both stabby and slashy are trained to the same level as each other? Or does it make a difference that the stabby weapon is generally agility based and the slashy is whatever it is as it seems to flip flop between strength and will based. Do critical hits differ if the shooty stabby weapon is used or whether the shooty slashy weapon is used given high agility and low everything else?

When using a duel weapon I can easily see what it says it boosts upon by looking at my character's sheet, but when someone else looks at my character they tell me that it reads differently upon my character. That is to say if I am strength based and using a shooty slashy weapon and I look at my character it reads on my screen as being strength based, but if others look at my character it reads to them as agility based in which I would not get as high of critical chance as well as damage.