Does Megablast always critical?

Gunner's Mate
Aug 08, 2010
I've seen musketeers use it, and on my swashbuckler i tried the Dragoon's autocannon. With the power "Megablast" I got a critical (Mega hit, Epic hit) both times using it, and in pvp i recall seeing a critical every time they use Megablast. Is it meant to happen? Or is it a bug.

Oct 16, 2012
Hah, odd. Every time I use it, it is an Epic Hit, there are no Super or Mega Hits. Anyways, yes. Ratbeard had mentioned a weapon that all Musketeers would want, and this is the one. The Dragoon Autocanon is, in my eyes, the deadliest shooty weapon that exists. To sum it up, all times you use it, it will be a critical hit.