Curiosity killed the Catbeard

Sep 19, 2011
Just curious but how often do y'all update these boards? My timing was bad I asked for help with a dungeon right before the Test Realm went live, not complaining mind you as I've been running around there too.
Just curious what's the normal average time?

Apr 28, 2012
Usually the boards are updated during the day (I think that is between 8 am to 6 pm CDT) on weekdays and Saturday. Sunday may see also see updates. This has been my experience. I usually wait till after 6 pm CDT to sign on to avoid missing any changes since the last time I signed on.

Dread Pirate
Jun 17, 2013
HI there Jeffrey.

The updating on the boards varies depending on traffic, test realms and surely how busy things are at the KI headquarters. I have read where Jack has had to be involved with tour groups and other such duties, so on those days the boards would, rightfully so, not get updated as much. He is one busy bunny for sure...but great news! He now has a partner in crime that would have even The Frogfather green with envy. Bonnie Anne recently introduced herself and joined One Eyed Jack in helping keep the boards updated and running as smooth as butter churned by a swashbuckler's Dance of Steel.

Normally during the week the boards get updated around 9:15-9:45 am, Eastern time and sporadically until 11 or so EST, when you often will find some the staff perusing P101 Central. Depending on traffic they seem to get updated somewhat continuously between 2-5 pm, EST and occasionally a few posts get added a bit later than that. You will also see community leaders add their posts even later, but I do believe they "skip" moderation and the update "cut-off" time(s). But still, even with and oft because OEJ and Bonnie working feverishly, there are days with less updating. Weekends receive much less updating (although lately it has been more often) with maybe two updates on Saturdays and only one on Sunday- sometimes none, as everyone deserves a much needed break.

Funny thing it is -- a fox and a bunny in cahoots with each other. <cue the Louis Armstrong>

Sep 19, 2011
Thanks for the info " Knowing is half the battle"