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Crowns refund

Jun 26, 2012
Well, i got a $20 card yesterday and redeemed it on 10,000 crowns. I bought Lucy Sterling companion, then with the remaining 4000 bought a blue batacuda mount. When i equipped the blue batacuda, i realized that i don't move ANY faster than i normally would. I'm hoping I can get a crowns refund for the mount, or that you guys at least make it move faster than your normal walkspeed. Thank you in advance,

Sean Level 17
Sean Firesword Level 90 Fire Wizard
Sean Stormsword Level 90 Storm Wizard
Sean Icesword level 42 Ice Wizard

Make sure you notice the speed of the mount when you purchase it as this particular mount is more of a cosmetic item. "Normal" speed indicates there is no speed boost.

I directed Support to this thread and they decided to refund your Crowns and remove the Batacuda mount from your inventory as a one-time exception.

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*