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Crown shop crew don't match my colors!

Dec 25, 2010
I bought Fin today (because yar I bought the Black Friday crown pack today...couldn't help myself). Anyway, I was looking forward to Fin becoming a part of my crew! When I set him as my first mate...I was really depressed. He was still in his green pants, black boots, and brown suspenders!

He doesn't really feel like part of my crew at all seeing as he doesn't match me or anyone else.

And for $15 dollars in crowns it feels WASTED that he couldn't at least match my crew.

Could you please make crown crew worth it and have them able to match your crew colors? It would really be special to me because I love Fin aka 'Bruce' so much!

Thank you K.I.!

I look forward to 'Bruce' matching the rest of my buddies!

~ Two-Faced Cassidy.

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I could be wrong, but I think the companions clothing is changed upon their first promotion. But this may not apply to all crown shop companions.

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