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Crown shop companions need promotions at 60+

Oct 11, 2010

Not sure if anyone has noticed that most of the free companions now are smoking our crown shop companions.

I have all my companions at 60+ now and some really need updates and polish.

These two especially!!!! Gortez and Fin Dorsal since they are the most expensive companions! @ about 7500C each

Gortez has a for sure critical hit and a hit area talent thats only swings twice. This should swing 3 times and be beefed a tint bit more. He could use another relentless and vengence level and a buffed hold the line.

fin dorsal has only a +1 critical card you kidding me right?
Mine has rent 2x he could use a next level on that plus Vengence, he does not even have that talent as a buck really come on? a second special card for him would be nice too.

Lucy stearling 5,995
No new epic talents at 62 seen have not had time to reset all of them to look but these came to mind off the top others thoughts please?


Oct 01, 2010
I agree with you on Goronado and Fin Dorsal. I feel like they really deserve another promotion in this expansion. They both promoted around the same time Bonnie Anne and Ratbeard had their second promotion, so it would seem fair if Goronado and Fin Dorsal had another promotion now.
They still have only 3 epics, while some cheaper side companions can gain 4 epics.

I don't think Lucy Sterling deserves another promotion. Not while Sarah Steele doesn't have a third promotion. KI said they would have one in the next expansion which seems fair since the Kraken Skull Tavern group and their Crown duplicates have 4 epics already.

The fact that cheaper companions like Private Mills, Tonka, and the Crown duplicates have 4 epics and all talents, while Goronado, Fin Dorsal, and Oingo Boingo cost 7500 Crowns while only having 2 or 3 epics bothers me. Oingo Boingo especially since he only gets 2 epics despite his high price. KI please make these companion more worth while.

Jun 15, 2013