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Crown Ships

Jul 15, 2012
So, I have a Bundle ship atm( From Game stop), that I redeem at level 16. I Got few crown Itens for. I hit level 24, and Purchase a $10 dollars Ship, as I notice it was much better, and when I look for Usable itens, was many I could use...
Well, After I got the ship, and equip, all the Itens I could use, was not usefull for me anymore, and the only ones that I could buy( and I did buy), I alredy ahd on otehr ship, and I didnt realize I could buy the same item again. That was my fault(have the same item), but very frustrated to find out my new ship, is not better them my old one, cause my nautical been only 17, I cant find anything for it. And really, when I hit the 24, i should be able to buy a better boat again...
So why let me buy a boat, for level if everything else is nautical? waste $10 dollars, and will have to use old ship, or stay fighting trying to get nautical 24. I have not skip any tasks, and not sure why the levels are so much diferent...

sorry for the english...

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The lower level items you have should still work (unless they are all for a different class of ship altogether). So if you put the onld items on the new ship, it should still be a net gain since the new crown ship has higher stats than the old. That should work, unless I misunderstand your issue.

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Jul 15, 2012
They wont work :(
So I got a heal, and 1 attack, Not 2 ...and miss accuracy.
From the 4 bottons we have, I only get 2.

Nov 09, 2011
Yes, there is a difference between rank level and nautical level when buying a ship, so be aware!