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Crown Companion Promotions

Jun 01, 2009
I was wondering, as you know, when a companion reaches a certain level, they give you a quest to do to promote them and give them new Epic Talents. Now, my question is, "Can companions purchased from the Crown Shop be promoted?" For example, say i bought Fin as a companion, after leveling him up several times, will he give me a quest to do to be promoted. I worry about this because, if the answer is NO, then all crown purchased companions will stay the same and it'll be hard to fight with them when I get to a higher level. But if YES, then i have nothing to worry about and should go one leveling up my companions. Please Reply Soon.

Community Leader
Some crown companions promote, others don't. Fin Dorsal receives a promotion at level 27. I compiled a list of all the known companion promotions and their levels on my blog (it is currently the most visited post I have). You can see it here. It's a work in progress and I'll add to it as more information comes to light!

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