Critical hits and periodic damage

Jan 20, 2009
I've noticed that if you get a critical hit on an ability that grants periodic damage (Soulreaver, Assassin's Strike, etc), that the critical damage boost applies to the up front hit but does not apply to the periodic damage portion.

Is this intended? Shouldn't a critical hit also critical the bleed/periodic damage as well?

Dec 31, 2012
Most of the pen & paper games and video games I've played point to that idea working as intended and IMO that is a more balanced approach.

Residual effects should be on a different damage table than weapon damage.

For example, if my swashbuckler gets a critical hit with his rapier, that is due to my level, weapon specialization, and stat bonuses (ex. my "skill" so to speak.).

If my weapon just happens to be on fire, then my enemy getting burned is an incidental effect of the elemental augmentation.

Augmentations should boost their damage capability if they are somehow intensified (ex. I use a stronger poison, my weapon has a stronger flame enchantment, etc), but that sort of damage shouldn't be included with weapon crit damage.

I hope that made sense.