Critical Animations

Gunner's Mate
Jun 27, 2013
Can there be like, more than on critical animation? I mean, the main companions with the different animations per hit rate can have more animations. If I am confusing you, an epic hit from El Toro can still have a T, but there is another animation. They'll both cam have a 50% chance of showing, but damage is the same. The same super hit, mega, and epic hit gets boring, especially if it is your first companion.

Jan 19, 2014
You saying that there should be more animations for each tier of critical. Hmm..

KI could do that but they should save the resources on companions who only have one critical animation like Monkey King or Old Scratch.

Besides, how many animations do you need anyway for the criticals to feel fresh on a character? Repetition of the new animation will set in after a dozen or so activations of the new critical animation.