Sep 28, 2009
My friend is a privateer who started the game near its beginning. He progressed further than I did before all the major updates. When I asked him where he got Froggo Villa, he said he had gotten it for free from a side quest. I think it's unfair that a fellow privateer gets a companions for free while after the updates, future privateers cannot get those same companions and have to buy them.

Be Mine Beginner
Aug 30, 2009
My Swashbuckler got Froggy Villa before the updates. I was unaware that privateers got them, too.

Sweet Talker
Jun 23, 2012
I've gotten through Cool Ranch on my Swashbuckler and I received Froggo Villa from a quest, but I'm not aware of any Privateers that have gotten Froggo Villa except through the crowns shop.