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companion promo's

Jul 06, 2011
hey there fellow pirates. I'm addressing a problem that I find very irksome about our companions. I love upgrading them and I think its awesome when they get new armor and an epic talent. sometimes they get special attacks as well. the problem I've encountered with some companions, mostly side quest companions, but a few storyline companions as well, is that not every companion gets a promotion. obviously it might be too hard to make dialogue and a quest for every companion, but there are several companions that you can promote using gold. I've done this a few times and sometimes like it better than promo quests. its simpler, even though they don't get dialogue and a background story. I'm just really irked by some companions that either don't get promo quests, or when they do, get nothing good. I have two monquistan companions, both which I got from the main story line. ne got one epic talent, return fire, which is lame cause he NEVER DODGES ANYTHING! and the other gold hold the line and turn the tide he did get a gold upgrade but no talents that were actually worth the gold and he only got ONE! I gave him a critical strike because there weren't any good talents. others like kane clanton, buffalo bill, and froggo villa just don't ever get a promotion.(don't even get me started on nurse Quinn) so now I have 6-7 companions at the bottom of my list, collecting dust. I upgrade and upgrade them, but no one ever gets a promo which really irritates me. each one has like 1-2 epic talents and is generally weak. every battle, I pray that they don't show up. I wish we could either get rid of, or sell, side quest companions. we cant do main storyline ones, obviously, but what about side questers? so basically I'm just kind of mad that there aren't promos for every companion and wish this would be included. anyone else agree?