Companion Color Problem

Sep 16, 2010
i have a little issue with Ratbeard and Tricky Vinnie.
Its common that they have the Base and Trimcolor of your Flag, but those mentioned above are all Purple. I mean everything Jackets,Hats and Gloves and such. I choosed Magenta as Base and Hotpink as Trim (same for Icon) and i really only see somekind of Magenta and no pink at all.

Do i really have to choose the pale pink? I just want some pink in my piratelife and a pink piratelady with a pink piratecrew would be my Keg of neverending Happiness.


Feb 03, 2012
Well some companions have mostly either the base or the trim colors, some may have half and half on both colors, but both colors are in there regardless, it's just some companions are really hard to identify the different colors. It's the above or you just choose two colors that look completely almost the same.