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clothing coloring

Apr 27, 2009
ok i need help, why can i not dye the hunters armor? hunter is an any lvl armor, i'm trying to color it yellow and pink for my bucaneer but when i buy it it wont let me color it at the clothing shop, dye shop, or bazaar. help!!

Oct 15, 2010
I don't know if this is because there is not a dye pallete to pick from, or because choosing different colors seems to not make a difference, as I personally have not owned the Hunter's Armor.

If there are not colors to pick from, sorry I don't know what's happening. You should probably email KI support about this.

If the colors aren't doing anything, this is probably because the base area of the outfit has a set texture/color. This happens, I've noticed, with cowboy hats (they are always brown) and some armor (they are always silver). This isn't a bug and was intended!

Dec 31, 2012
Not all items can be dyed. If you took it to the dye shop and adjusted the colors to your liking and the colors don't change, then that most likely means you can't alter the color on that item. I have found many of the armored items are like this. Some items you can change both the dominant color and secondary color; others, only one of the two; yet others, you can't change any.