Choosing powers

Be Mine Beginner
Jan 27, 2013
Is there any way possible to choose from your list of powers that I have accumulated? I recently acquired some level 15 powers that don't show up in my battle list. I would like to use the higher leveled powers and not so much of the lower ones. Is there anyone out their that can shed some light on my situation?

Dashing Davy Dodger

Be Mine Beginner
Oct 16, 2012
I don't think they've made that yet. My suggestion is use the powers you have until the one you want appears.

Hope this was helpful,

Keisha Radcliffe

Cute Stuff Commoner
Oct 04, 2012
right click to discard 'bad' powers during combat.

There is no way (currently) to choose a deck of your best powers as per W101.