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Chain Lightning

Petty Officer
Dec 22, 2009
Hello Ratbread,

As you know, I don't really post often, but when I do, I come with meaning. I know alot about P101's underlying mechanics that help the game play. The little things that if you understand, it lets you tweak your game play a bit to get more "hardcore" results and control.

So If a may, what is the secret to chain lighting? or at least how does it work? Its one of the few things that demystifies me. As of right now, it almost seems bugged because it chains so little. Also, was really dissapointed in the animation. Thought it would be cool arching lighting, shocking from enemy to enemy. Its just a slow jumping recycled lighting projectile of the musketeers "Inferno Shot"...

Pirate Overlord
Mar 10, 2009
*Pulls up a chair near by and listens with great interest.* *Signals barkeep to keep the yum flowing to both tables.*

Gunner's Mate
Aug 08, 2010
It's Pretty much radom. Well, at least i think so.
I'm guessing it depends on the will of yourself and the target. It may be more likely that when your will is 200 (Buffs, rallying call, great juju etc) and your facing 24 level one buccaneers adjacent to eachother and vice versa, your chances of preceeding to succeed the "arc" mission are enourmously enlarged.
In english: If you face low will you're more likely to arc this "Lightning".
However, this (from experience) is not the only factor on whether you make a successful arc (successful i.e killing the whole group). It's also random, like who you will blade storm if adjacent to two enemies, or when your reckless frenzy will stop and attack the adjacent enemy.
So whilst it relies on the will of yourself and opponent(s), it's also just... luck.

Merciless Jean Percy, 65

There's no secret: It has a 75% chance to arc again each time it hits.