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Can't collect treasure chests after combat.

Dec 03, 2010
Several times now this has happened. I am farming Friar Sand with 3-4 total people. At some point, Friar Sand is killed, but does not seem to die. All the treasure chests pop up, but nobody can move. We try to run, our feet move, we hear walking sounds, but can not move. We can not collect chests. Several combat animations keep occurring, but can not see them, only hear them, as the camera is locked on us (for walking mode). Then the chests all disappear, and we are robbed of all the chests. One of the players in the group has severe lag, I do not know if that is a cause. We were on a CROWDED Avery and moved to a PERFECT server on 3rd page, so server should not have been busy. This has happened a few times in past, but never this many times in one day. Anyone else experiencing an increased frequency in this glitch? To King's Isle: If you want to reproduce it, try doing QA testing from an externally sourced internet provider, DSL line, while downloading multi- GB dummy files, to simulate a laggy connection, not LAN or WAN connections directly to servers. You should be seeing the glitch about 3-5 times an hour, easily.