Can you have 2 Sneak Attack Special Moves?

Nov 17, 2012
I have obtained the Cadet's Tricorne, which gives me the sneak attack ability even as a Privateer. I have a training point, and was wondering if I use it on the Swashbuckler Trainer to aquire the Sneak attack ability, if this will allow me to HAVE 2 SNEAK ATTACKS or if it will just be one?

Thanks so much if the devs or any experienced players know the answer to this question.

I don't want to burn a training point to find out the hard way! :)

Yes, it's entirely possible for you to have two sneak attacks this way.

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One-Eyed Jack on Nov 21, 2012 wrote:
Yes, it's entirely possible for you to have two sneak attacks this way.
My Buccaneer has 2 sneak attack like this. Very useful!

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May 10, 2010
Sneak Attack & Back Stab with Bleeding are some of the best attack cards there are, for Buccaneer's, SwashBuckler's, and Privateer's! You can train it in the SwashBuckler's School and you can get it from some Gear Drops! I wish there were more gear drops with this talent, because it is so epic.

Also, Buccaneer's will need better attacks, especially when PVP is introduced, because compared to all the other classes, Buc's and Privateers are the most underpowered classes in the game at the current time!

Sep 08, 2008
I found some really nice privateer equipment from Duck with no Name. There are up to three different pieces; totem, necklace, and ring, which gives the Privateer Critical+2 attacks as long as he has a ranged weapon.

I have never played any of the smashy classes, so to speak, but Privateer is appealing to me. And considering they wear heavy armor, their armor rating can become huge!

To me anyway, it seems the heavy damage classes are Musketeer and Witchdoctor. Musketeer with their traps can knock out some serious damage just by sitting there, and Witchdoctor can cast some really wicked spells from across the battleboard.

Swashbuckler seems to have less overall damage, but together with their stealth and poison attacks, can move around the field and unleash lots of damage without even being detected. Not to mention the high dodge rating, which will let that swashbuckler dodge a lot of attacks.

The class I payed the least attention to was Buccaneer. But, that class appeals to me almost as much as Privateer class, especially since they seem to be the underdog.