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Can you give some updates please.

Feb 20, 2009
I heard there wont be another world until around Christmas, and that's understandable. My questions and suggestions are as follows:
1. Is there any time frame when we can have a bazaar to sell some of the more rare items we get? Is there a time frame when we can get stitching? AND, can we keep the name of the display weapon rather than the stitched weapon (or clothing) bearing the name of the item the stats came from.
2. Is there any chance we could put some of our companions (4 to 8) in our housing like you can do pets and mounts in wizard 101? We don't get to decline taking on more companions and considering the prohibitive cost of keeping all your companions within 2 levels (let alone the actual level) of your pirate, I think it would be fair to put some in our housing.
3. Could you please make the Henry Rifle that musketeers get from quests more accurate and more deadly, and with more range than the pearl handled pistols? I cannot believe that pistols are more powerful, accurate and have the same range that the Henry Rifle does, that is just wrong, wrong, wrong.
4. Is there a chance that musketeer and buccaneer weapons can be given the same armor piercing that slashy weapons get? I'd consider it also fair if you took away the armor piercing that slashy or stabby weapons get. I believe the Musketeers and Buccaneers are being slighted.

Dec 31, 2012
The Henry Thunderstick is a Level 20 weapon and the Pearl-Handled Peacemakers are Level 25 weapons. Mathematically, I don't see why a Level 20 weapon should do more damage than a Level 25 weapon regardless of the pistols vs. rifles issue.

I do agree that maybe the Henry Thunderstick should have more range. Rifles in general should have more range than pistols.

I also have a question about updates. I didn't see if any of the database tweaks from Test made it to the other servers, nor did I see what changes were made.

I was wondering if some of the item typos and voice-over issues got fixed with the latest update.