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Can Attack powers be turned off

Dec 17, 2009
Okay I have a level 38 witch doctor and all the low level spells keep me from getting to the higher more powerful and useful attacks.

Can powers be subtracted from showing in the attack tool bar (like adding or subtracting spells from a wizards spell deck on Wizard 101)?

Jul 01, 2009
Yes you can right click and discard the powers like the spells in wizard101

Dec 17, 2009
No I mean can they be kept from showing up.

Like in Wizard 101 if you DO NOT want a spell to show during combat you just do not add it to your spell deck.

so is there a way of stopping an attacl/spell from showing up during battles?

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Dec 16, 2009
I really don't need my Juju, so I would love to not have it in battle.

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LilFoxGirl on Nov 19, 2012 wrote:
No I mean can they be kept from showing up.

Like in Wizard 101 if you DO NOT want a spell to show during combat you just do not add it to your spell deck.

so is there a way of stopping an attacl/spell from showing up during battles?
Not currently, though this is a requested feature. Much like benching companions, though, I don't see this one getting implemented any time soon.

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May 10, 2010
I kinda wish KI would make these upgraded cards like the companions, they lose the weaker card and only keep the new upgraded card, but that is just a suggestion.

I do like the idea of making a deck where you can manage it and put the cards in you want and dont want. However, you can skip training some spells in witchdoctor, you dont have to learn everything, but you do have to learn some things in order to learn other things in progression.

But once you do have a power or card, currently, the only way to get rid of it, is to discard it when it appears!

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Jan 06, 2011
While it does seem annoying to have all these low level powers, remember that as you get further along in the game enemies get stronger. This means that you may need all the powers that you have. The damaging powers do scale with your character and they never miss.

Yes, there are some powers that you would not want to have or ones that you would prefer to have at the start of the battle. That is why it has been suggested that the powers be able to be arranged in a similar way to companions, i.e. ones at the start of a list have a high chance of appearing in your starting selection and ones at the end have a low chance.

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It is likely that in the future we will have this ability as our attacks/move list will continue to grow im sure with new content upgrades and level cap changes. Something will have to be done at some point.
But for now.... rightclick... discard... thats all we got!!!

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May 07, 2011
THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I have been irritated by this too because i got so many spells i don't even use anymore. Thanks for the info.

Dec 08, 2012
I definitely think this is one of the biggest 'quality of life' improvements that the game could really use.

Having a limited number of power slots, and way more powers than you could ever fit on one bar. there really needs to be a better way to organize and use your abilities.

Absolutely there need some sort of 'select'/'deselect' option -- if there is a power you don't like, won't use, it's too low-level, etc. you should have a way to 'turn it off', so that it cannot appear on your action bar until you've re-enabled it.

Aside from that here are a few different ideas

- Ability to 'lock' in which powers you want, so you can guarantee that 'x' number of abilities will always be available to you.


- Ability to 'order' your powers. Similar fashion to how your companions spawn in at the start of combat. Your most used/favorite abilities could be 'ordered' towards the front of the queue, with the higher percentage chances to appear. Abilities that are less helpful can be put at the end of the queue or disabled all together.


- Additional action bar(s) so that more abilities display at once, and a player and choose from a wider selection of all their powers.

Dec 18, 2012
Agree! I like the idea! Also musketeers get too much active powers, although i would like to have some more useful passive skill since i am using low level gear for this but ofc a class with lot of passives (like swashbucker) plus actives from end game gear would perform better than a class with a ton of actives, half of them almost useless in end game, and low level gear passives; personally i never find myself running out of cards.

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