Buying ships

Mar 07, 2009
Ok I thought I saw a Maquistador ship you can buy. Now I cant seem to find it. Does one of the vendors sell one or did I see it in the crown shop? I swear a vendor had one. Help anyone

Gunner's Mate
Oct 22, 2011
You receive a Monquistan Skiff after you do a main quest at Scurvy Dog hideout, and there you will retrieve the ship. Unfortunately, it is when you've already done most of Tierra Primate skyway, where you need it the most.

There aren't any other types of Monquistan ships for sale, except the skiff.

You can also buy it and parts for the skiff at Puerto Mico in Tradewinds skyway

Jan 29, 2010
Remember, when looking for the Monquista skiff and its parts, you need to go to the second level of Puerto Mico to find the vendor.