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Bug report. After battle chests.

Jun 18, 2009
Ok not sure if anyone else is experincing this bug but I frist thought I was mistaken about missing some of my after battle loot chests. I thought maybe I miscounted or maybe took too long in openning the chests and they vanish due to that hidden timer.

But this time I wasn't mistaken about chests dissappering too quickly for me to even get a chance to loot them. In fact this time all my loot chests vanished in under 5 seconds before I even got a chance to open one of them. This was after the final boss fight in the volcano dungeon where you adquire Ratbeard companion.

What happen was I just had killed the last of the add mobs and then the boss himself. This tiggered dialog and spawning of the 3 tiki idols. I then had broken all three tiki idols in the next round. This ended the battle and the chests just started spawning and I started moving around to open them. But then poof all the chests just disappered in about 5 seconds (meaning they had just spawned the frist loot chest) and game then just jumped right into completion and the ending dialog of the quests.
I never had a chance to open any of the loot chests thus gaining no possible loot or gold from this final battle. Seems to happen too when trying to loot my chests after winning a boarding ship battle. I would be nearly done grabbing all my chests then poof the remaining chests be gone. Mainly happens when there's 1 - 2 chests left and I simplely thought it was cause I was too slow in grabbing the chests. This does not consitantly happen all the time for my ship battles but enough for me to notice about 1 in 5 battles.

I hope you devs can check into this matter as it's not fun to miss out on loot after a hard battle espically if it's one that drops rare loot like pets and stuff.


Jan 09, 2010
That happens to me sometimes too, Also when i fight things in mooshu i get 4 gold for the whole fight.Not to mention the fact that some of my chests are already open when they appear. I dont even have to touch them sometimes they come open and then disappear and the loot does not add up correctly.