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Dec 15, 2011
Hi, I have the quest for the bufflon hides and I keep fighting and beating them and no credit for the hides. I have fought them about 8 or 9 times and have 2 hides. I am wondering if this is a bug or is the drop rate that low. Seems like alot to get some hides. Do they have Amber in them? lol

Mar 26, 2012
The answer is this, there are three colors of buffaloon, brown, dark brown and white.The instructions are not that good for the quest so you would think that any buffaloon would count but is only the dark brown one that you need to get the hides from.

Cass Underwood L21

Nov 26, 2011
Its probably bad luck, since its random but i've heard that every time you don't get it your more likely to get it next time so keep trying and good luck