Black Storm Shaman

May 02, 2009
Who is supposed to get the Black Storm Shaman because he is in all of my player's crown shops except for my Musketeer. If I'm correct, the Black Storm Shaman is unlocked after you defeat Three Scars in the Black Storm. When my Privateer did it, he got a Bison Scout and the Shaman was unlocked, all my other players unlocked him too at that point and my Musketeer got a Bison Shaman, the ones that Privateers get after completing Bison Burial Grounds. Maybe this is a bug or maybe its how its suppose to be. I just wanna know.
Bloody Felix Lawson Level 50
Gunnery Seargent

Apr 21, 2009
That is strange, I have that issue too. The Black Storm Shaman doesn't show up in my Musketeer's crown shop, but he does show up in my Swashbuckler's. I can't see why that would be intended, so I would just chalk that up to some sort of glitch.