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Bishop's and Deacon's Gear

Jun 02, 2013
Do Bishop and Deacon drop their own special boss gear, like how Rooke and Moo Manchu does?

I've looked on Pirate101 Wiki, and it says that Bishop only drops his Hat (Electromancer's Hat), Weapon (Bishop's Gears of War), and Goggles (Technomage's Glasses).

And as for Deacon, it says he doesn't drop anything really. It only says he drops 14 items in total. Is this actually true? Or is there more drops that aren't listed yet?

Especially for Bishop, does he drop his Robe and Shoes?


Sly Colin Voss, Lv. 65

Aug 17, 2014
YES, he does drop his own special gear.The hat and his staff are dropped.He also drops his glasses, and his sprocket key.Bishop doesn't drop this robe or shoes sadly.And deacon doesn't drop any boss gear.I've been farming bishop and so far I have four staffs, and three hats.

Dread Pirate
Jun 13, 2011
Bishop does drop his own unique gear, but Deacon currently does not.

Deacon is Book 10's End-of-Book boss, you know, so I surely think he should get his own unique drops, like his hat, his weapons, & his outfit. If I would obtain his outfit, I'd look amazing in them. Plus, Ratbeard says some of his items recorded in the P101Central Wiki aren't real items, if I recall.