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Best skills to be trained by other trainers?

Apr 13, 2014
I'm currently a level 13 swashbuckler & I'd like to know which skills I should train my practice points on. Please answer with a list fully detailed so I can understand. Thank you!

Pirate Overlord
Mar 10, 2009
MonquistanPirate on Sep 21, 2014 wrote:
I'm currently a level 13 swashbuckler & I'd like to know which skills I should train my practice points on. Please answer with a list fully detailed so I can understand. Thank you!
Privateer to get some healing, Swashbucklers are a bit on the squishy side. Buccaneer for some armor and shielding. Musketeer cause there are some pretty awesome shooty/stabby weapons out there and some musketeer powers you can get from drops that will help you greatly.

May 30, 2010
That's a question that's best answered by your play style. Do you like to run up and get stuck in (pretty obviously, or you wouldn't be a swashbuckler) or hang back a bit and let your crew soak up the hits? How much healing do you have normally?

I like to go the privateer sub-route with my smacky pirates, since the healing becomes pretty important in those situations. My witchdoctor can heal herself with some of her attacks, so it's not as big a deal with her.

Look in the bazaar at what weapon types are available. Do you think you'd like to add a gun to your sword? Then train with the musketeer -- at least the shooty skills.

Tell us your style, and it'd be easier to make suggestions.

May 10, 2010
Well, that seriously depends on what you intend to do with your swashbuckler...

You could go partial Musketeer if you plan on doing shooty/stabby weapons.

You could go partial Witchdoctor for Spooky, which increases heals and poison.

You could go partial Privateer for Slashy/Stabby Weapons, and has group heal and defense.

Another great thing to get is the Buccaneer mighty charge, so that you can 2x distance attack.

These are suggestions, choose wisely as they greatly increase the power of a very powerful class.

Gunner's Mate
Nov 27, 2009
naturally if your a swashbuckler, you want to rely on heavy damage and be as dodgy as possible

possible trainers

commodore (privateer)
benefits: lot of hybrid weapons (slashy/stabby) boosts damage
healing class
can get elusive from this class
damage reduction
weakness: not much to be honest, a good overall second class

fish eye (musketeer)
benefits: again with the hybrids (shooty/stabby)
some items can offer gun only attacks, different stack style
places traps dealing high damage
weaknesses: nothing really, like the privateer, a good second class

mordekai (buccaneer)
benefits: can use 2 handed weapons, different playstyle
can train mighty charge, allowing a large movement attack
weaknesses: your using strength instead of agility for this
not a great class for a swashbuckler, but has its moments

vadima (witchdoctor)
benefits: train spooky attacks
can learn self heal
spell damage from any range, different playstyle
weaknesses: your using will instead of agility
drain is kinda weak
overall not a great class to train in besides the first ghost wail

I have a lvl 65 swashbuckler, I trained in privateer for heals, musket for diversity and buck for the 2 handed weapons

hope this helps your decisions

Apr 13, 2014
So, I went Privateer for my 1st subclass since I have no healing skills --- except for Bonnie. I got Gunnery & I'm planning to get Rouse. Should I continue training to Refresh... or maybe even further?

Since Musketeer is suggested, which skills, specifically, do I need?

Thanks again!