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Best gear for max lvl Buccaneer? Not Moo Manchu

Jun 29, 2011
Somebody made a thread similar to this, but for Swashbucklers. What is the best gear surpassing all others for a buccaneer? Most preferably for PvP?


Jan 21, 2013
Hello Aaron, I just finished farming for all my gear for buck with the help and advice of Jeremy (technomage). Whew that was a long and lucky ride. But ever since, I haven't lost a single spar against other pirates. Yesterday actually, I spared a swashbuckler and I won!!! She even had two forts and a leviathans call, with this gear, I still won!

So here is the gear I have been using

Hat: Helm of the Valiant-in this set, this is the only valors fort item. This is due to the new buff rules in pvp and what not (which I love because they make the game much fairer).

Robe: Mighty Warriors Robe- I know. I know. Everyone complains about having to farm for this because it takes so long but remember what ratbeard said "it's all RNG!!!", and because of that I told myself to keep going for this item and it only took me 3.5 hours!! That's not bad at all!

Boots: 1) Boots of Sprinting- I use these against every class except for against swashbuckler and privateer(I will tell you about the other ones right after). These boots are great because of the dodge (9) and the extra vicious which gives an accuracy reduce for 5 rounds!!! That's pretty good.
2) Dragoons Heavy Boots: I use these against buckler and priv only, that is because it supplies a walk in darkness and 10 extra strength to get that critical up.

Weapon: Axe of the Minotaur Lords: good arrack and basically gives you "relentless1" (follow through)

Totem: Token of moo Manchu(I think that's the name): best totem in the game

Charm and ring: heal ring from bazaar. (I would say ring of 47 but heal rings work better with the update (as I mentioned with the hat).

Hope you found this helpful!

If you ever see me in game on my buck my name is Jack Armstrong and my Swash is Brave Jack Underwood.

Happy sailing!!!
Good luck with your farming!!!

Au Revoir


Nov 28, 2014
What I use is this setup:

Hat: tower hat from the chests in moo manchu

Robe: Spolas of eagilles or Imperial robes of moo manchu

boots: Boots of sprinting

totem: bloody charm

eyepatch: Patch of st fido or schemers eyepatch

charm: anything with valor's fortress or a heal

ring: any ring with revive

Apr 26, 2009
Moo Manchu however is the best gear for PvP just because of the shear amount of vicious charges and guaranteed critical strikes.