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Best companions

Nov 19, 2015
I am a lvl 54 privateer and have reently beaten bishop. I am wonder what are the best companions for my lvl? Thanks for all your help pirate101 community!

Clever Jack Kidd

Mar 21, 2014
My team on my privateer currently is Commander Emmett, Wild Bill Peacock and if I recall either Bonnie Anne or Gracie Conrad and pretty soon Hawkules will be on there. For you, it all depends on who you prefer. It all depends for you on who works best for you. Not everyone is the best with the companions that others are good with and I learned that quite the easy way. I stick with companions that I like or prefer. They are the ones that I am better off with. I recommend leveling all of your companions so Aquila will be much easier for you. Though sometimes they don't like to attack the enemies much like El Toro does all the time (I really do like him too.) I hope this helps you with your decision. If you need anymore help, then ask the geek right here. Mabe we could meet in game and I could help you out a bit.