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Batacuda Promotion?

Oct 23, 2012
Does the batacuda companion witchdoctors get promote? Also, if so, what level?
And if not, I have an idea!

Hi! Batacuda companions do not have a promotion, but feel free to share your idea in the Shipyards section of our message boards:

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*
Petty Officer
Jul 26, 2011
None of the "animal" or whatever companions like batacuda or scorpion have promotions. I don't know why. I wish I knew this when I bought my el tiburon in cr lol

Dec 01, 2012
I think George is awesome and he deserves a promotion...I was thinking we get a quest where he is very unhappy,and we have to find a shaman to translate why.Then he ends up being unhappy because he wants to back to his flock,so we return him to his flock and he is immediatly rejected(what with us tainting him) and we have to fight through a bunch of high level batacudas until we defeat the flock leader,and the batacuda promotes to batacuda leader.Maybe his next promotion could be batacuda elder.Or he could just promote for gold,like all the other side companions...

Petty Officer
Oct 11, 2012
hehe yes, I would also like it if more companions got promotes, maybe it will happen eventually, the animals deserve better than to be stuck doing pet wrangling or scavenging when the main companions get to battle armada and blow up stuff

Fearless john west level 65
fearless john level 65
fearless john level 65
fearless john level 65
fearless john level 65
fearless john morris level 32