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Are there limits to what a pirate can learn?

Jun 02, 2010
Hey kingsisle I am a max level swashbuckler and recently I beat the game again. When the new expansion was added and worlds like marlybone and Aquila became playable. Combat became exceptionally more difficult. Naturally pirates will spend practice points on potent skills and powers to counter act this disbalance. Well I noticed for one that those powers are wearing thin and not many good or OBTAINABLE ones remain.
For example I like playing a ninja character and I believe in the thought of chi. Well I went to try to obtain mojo reaver a suitable skill to have for such a character. I find that it's not even available even though its not a class quest. Unlike in wizard101 were you could obtain all (non-quest) skills from a class. As an experienced player advice you to consider freeing up some of these abilities and making them available for training by anyone of any class.

P.s. I know your thinking I should just make a new character but honestly I've come to far to give up on my best character now.

P.p.s. o and if you think I should just obtain an item that gives me said power well I've tried and regardless of how hard I try I never get gear (with cards) for my class. I've gotten loaded of great gear for ALL the other classes but never my own so if you could plz look into maybe increasing the drop rate or adding more swashbuckler gear (with good cards) I'd be really greatful.

Charming Rachel Everheart (level 65 swashbuckler , paying member)