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Any Idea where these are located?

Community Leader
I was in Skull Island and saw another witchdoctor with some cool gear. Most of the items she had gave cards.
I made sure to write them down and to later look at the wiki and see if anyone has gotten them but no one seems to have. Any ideas? Here is the list:

Spirit world stovepipe hat
night callers outfit robe level 5
witchdoctor wraps shoes
hoodoos tiki
hougans bones amulet
storm seal

Someone said that the spirit world stovepipe hat is dropped by Fin in Gloom Temple but I have farmed him multiple times and I feel like I am farming the wrong boss for some reason. I heard the boffstaff is from the sumo wrestler on the volcano. The others I have no clue.

Have any of you Witchdoctors come across these?

Johnny - Pirate101 Community Leader
Petty Officer
Nov 28, 2008
I recognize the Bofstaff by name. It dropped for me from the Chumba Wumba. Think I had 4 of them until KI made them no auction, then I just vendored them. You should kill him multiple times before triggering the final statue to increase the chance for it.
Im pretty sure thats where the stove pipe hat drops too but I already had the crown one and just vendored it also.

Sep 08, 2008
Those items have a familiar ring to them.

I think they ALL drop from Fin Dorsal, when you fight him in the Gullet in Jonah Town.