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Any clever ways tweak companions?

Feb 05, 2011
Hello all I was considering if there are any clever ways to give me more chance of getting which companions I want.

The only two I have so far are:

1, to leave the ones I don't want in weak, and get them killed off in an easy fight, then use the others.
2, The other method would be to buy a few crown shop NPC's of the type I want and stack the deck so to speak.

What I am trying to do is stack it heavy with ranged attacks and heals. I am quite new but it is working so far :). I don't mind the random element at all as i liked that in wizard 101, but I do like to have a specific role in a battle, either healer, nuker, tank etc, and stack the deck to suit, so thus my question!

I am thinking a high level power set that lets you swap out companions, either when at full health, on the first turn or at whatever % health for whatever % health would be a popular one ;). Or just more companions in the crown shop, so we can get more of the type we want in a battle!

Thanks for reading.