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Annoying problem on Earning Crowns

Aug 15, 2012
When I click on Earn Crowns, I watch the video (The sports news one, it says to watch this short video). The video was about 15 seconds long. When I finished watching, I never got my crowns. I left and came back, did everything, still got the same video, and never earned crowns. Every day I tried. Some other videos came up, but that one always came up later on. I really want to know what is going on.

Oct 15, 2012
This too happened to me for a while until I realized that the fifteen second video was an ad for the one that would give me crowns. I recommend that, when you press "Earn Crowns" and play the video, go to a separate tab to learn more information for what you're working towards in the game.

Hope I was helpful, and Have fun earning those crowns


First Mate
Dec 29, 2012
The "Earn Crowns" feature is severely bugged for both Pirate101 and Wizard101. The technical problems from launching the viewers and communicating back to the server that the required time is complete, is abundant. Try to get what Crowns you can via the videos, but doing the trivia on FreeKIGames is a more guaranteed way of getting 100 Crowns a day.