After El Dorado

Aug 01, 2011
Will this game end after El Dorado? Or will we still have many more adventures. I really hope the game doesn't end after the El Dorado storyline.

Sneaky Jonathan Lv57

Community Leader
I certainly hope not! I do believe, however, that there are more adventures that await us, post-El Dorado

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Mar 10, 2009
Zlyxer on Feb 17, 2014 wrote:
Will this game end after El Dorado? Or will we still have many more adventures. I really hope the game doesn't end after the El Dorado storyline.

Sneaky Jonathan Lv57
Indeed, not to worry. Blind Mew has assured us that he has many adventures in store for us after El Dorado.

Nov 03, 2012
KI intends to keep this game running as long as they can. Don't worry, there will be more after El Dorado.

Oct 26, 2012
Theories and ideas after El Dorado:

-Well, the spiral is going to die, and we must save it by sailing to the "heart of the spiral", where all things are created. We go blah blah in all the unexplored areas and do stuff.
-El Dorado unleashes the ancient order of the sea serpents, and we go hocus pocus to kill that.
-The dark pirate, is a tale of an evil pirate who is unknown and forgotten. He is evil, and he has his own Mordor in an unexplored spiral world. His minions (Kane who is one of them, and also Morganthe [this explains why we found map pieces in wizard101]) steal the gems that give life and energy into each world in the spiral. Together all these stones combine to create a weapon that could save or destroy the spiral. But the stones must be placed in a chest first (the chest is in El Dorado). The dark pirate has your dad as prisoner. Your dad sends a note, telling to ask help from his 3 brothers (Avery, Boochbeard and Marco Pollo).. You never see the face of your dad, ever! This is mainly to avoid a controversial topic that I won't talk about... However I will tell you on central maybe...
-All of the above or...
-Pirates vs Wizards

May 13, 2011
did W101 end when we killed malistaire? no. chances are there will be more after el dorado too. maybe a new place to track down like how W101 got a new villain

hmm, will we find kane or el dorado first? dont worry, blind mew. i dont expect you to answer

Dec 11, 2010
Kingsisle aren't even done with Wizard101 yet (And they almost finished with a 2nd story arc)

Pirate101 hasn't finished the first story arc yet and it isn't like there is more treasure waiting to be discovered. Although discovering El Dorado the city of gold will indeed make us wealthy pirates, there is always the chance that another and greater treasure is out there waiting for us.

Like maybe the legendary Saphire Piggle :O

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Oct 29, 2012
well, in W101 when we killed malistere or whatever his name is, the game didn't end.
right now i finished phule and deacon, so maybe we will fight the female armada and the HUGE clockwork.
remember, as said in the wizard101 monthly newsletter, the co. is even stronger from where it picked off.
hopefully this wont end up as toon town *my, oh my nostalgia* but, disney had to delete it to focus on club penguin and mobile apps more. but when toontown left, so did the Trade mark. the creator of TT, jesse.....
used star trek as an example how toon town can start up again. he stated that to keep our toons in our hearts and wait. so be it. lets do this to KL, let's believe that we will take after dozens of new elite boss clockworks, maybe even 5x stronger then kane. *as presumed we will fight kane in EL DORADO.* so maybe, with a chance, pirate101 and wizard101 will be like toon town, they kept fighting to save it, as what were doing for PW101 games, lets hope (as an example) W101 doesn't suck the players out of pirates. let it be equal, we can hope and dream, maybe this game could last forever! no amount of progress or time, lets all have fun, that's what any video game company or creators would say, to enjoy it and to drive you away from your stress and troubles! wow, this might even b my biggest post ever! thanks for readying this huge read, if it gets excepted. disney is a trade mark and I'm not trying to advertise. thank you all!
-jamal heath lvl 42
stay strong and let's hope we find many new adventures after this very long one, to EL Dorado.