About these mini games

Petty Officer
Aug 22, 2010
What is the trick to mini game success? I see players who have high scores between 3 & 4 trillion.

Let's take Windjammer for example: I can't past level 5 no matter what I do. By level 5 the whole screen is filled with ships & homming air mines I have zero room to move my ship. My highest score is around 27,000. How do these people reach 4 trillion +?

I'z got to know

Aug 21, 2009
Not sure about the others, but Rat Attack has a bug in it that if triggered prevents you from ever being killed. When this happens you run up the score to get all the loot and then press escape and quit game to collect it.

Mar 04, 2009
The scores are bugged. Coin drop shows the top 4 players to have the exact same score in the 2,000's and then insane numbers that are obviously not correct show below them. I just scored 3,975 and I'm not on the list anywhere (even though based on the current number 1 I would be first place). And I'm sure I'm not the high score because I didn't even do THAT amazingly (got to level 7 on coin drop). So it's bugged big time.