A welcomed glitch?

Dec 15, 2012
Hey everyone it's me again . One of my favorite looking, personality wise, and to use in battles is Lucky Jack Russel, one of the Presidio companions. One of my crews' colors are mainly red and secondary black. I never really noticed this in his first two promotions (rank when we met him and when we did his first promotion quest). If you (might just be mine for some reason) look at his lower neck, it's red (at least for me)! It looks pretty cool. He himself is fine, like he's not slower and he doesn't have any other major appearance or movement glitches.

Another one of my favorite glitches is in the building on Marleybone where you get commissioned to be part of the royal navy. In the middle of the second floor, there is a round hollow area showing the first floor underneath. There are two or three soldiers always walking around it. But sometimes one of them walks ACROSS the area...the part without the floor . He does it almost every time he is on the floor (they walk up and down the two stories).

Let me be VERY clear! I do NOT want any cool glitch like these to be "fixed". I think it makes it cooler and more fun to see who else will have a partly red neck or "ghost" walking on air.

Please also feel free to post any other cool, or not so cool, glitches you may have seen, on this topic.