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a quick question

Dec 26, 2012
hi, my name is Dead-Eye Davy Jones, im new to the p101 world, and i want to ask a question:

Which class pirate get the best companion?

Dead-Eye Day Jones lvl 12

Sep 08, 2008
I am sure that becomes very arguable.

I like how Swashbucklers seem to get a good amount of Swashbuckler companions to join your party.

HOWEVER, the class I would personally pick based on their first mate would be Witchdoctor or Musketeer. Both classes are very fun to play, and I just love Musketeers.

Witchdoctor's first mate (the goat monk) ends up being one of the most powerful companions in the entire game, while the Musketeer's first mate (the crane) ends up being one of the most hardiest companions in the entire game. Virtually same talents, but a privateer class, with a LOT more health and defense/resistance, and a little less damage.

May 02, 2009
You could ask that question to a hundred different players and I bet most of them will say either Kan Po or Kobe Yojimbo.

May 17, 2011
swashbuckler or the class that gets kan po (forgot, sorry). swashbuckler gets sarah steele.